As an architect by profession and passionate learner by heart, I have always enjoyed designing and building things, whether it’s a home, a building, furniture or anything that could be made beautiful.

When the opportunity to start a shirt factory came along in 2011, my entrepreneurial heart could not say no to the challenge. It took, a great team of formerly trained craftsmen and engineers and several years of much stress and prayer to teach us how to make a well made, beautiful shirt.
It was in 2016, almost 5 years later, and after making awesome shirts for other names, that we decided to launch our own brand, Mark&Company.

Having been blessed with 3 daughters and loving every aspect of my family and our life together, I did not have the fun opportunity to match our outfits with my girls as they were growing up, like my brother often did with his boys using plain white shirts. That didn’t stop us from creating matching shirts to allow our clients, fathers and grandparents, to have fun as they dressed alike the younger version of themselves. It was a total hit! Seeing the reaction from the dads and moms and the entire family and how excited they were about the fun portraits and events as they wore our shirts was a treat for us!

Even though our matching shirts are fun to wear, the fact that all our shirts fit beautifully and are truly a well crafted piece of garment, resulted in our happy customers buying them for everyday wear and work as well.

I hope once you have tried one of our shirts, that you become part of our family and share the fun and values that we share at Mark&Company with your loved ones and friends.